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"SatTec" Project

 Satellit über Erde (Quelle: DLR (CC-BY 3.0))

The chair of physics education runs the "SatTec" project, supported by funding from
the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.
Teaching materials about satellite technology will be developed, tested and optimized
within one theme year:

• Student's handbook: Information about satellite technology is explained in a
student friendly manner; exercises; tips for independent experimentation; links and
tips for literature
• Teacher’s booklet: background information about satellite technology; solutions
of the tasks; classification in curriculum relevant topics of physics; activity suggestions;
links and literature references
• Experimentation set "NaviSat": State of the art demonstration experiment
for satellite detection using coded, acoustic signals based on microcontroller boards;
exact, comprehensible documentation; tips and hints for experimentation,
including guideline
• Student Contest "StratoSat": nationwide student contest called “StratoSat”;
Topic: own stratosphere mission based on a provided set with an own payload;
Including guideline

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