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Electron motion in magnetic and electric field

Electrons in magnetic field

 We develop and evaluate digital learning environments about the motion of electrons in electric and magnetic fields. In the learning environments stundents are working with digital experiments. They can modify all parameters normally changed in the real experiment. The environment shows the matching picture of the real experiment. Tasks are about checking hypotheses, developing a mathematical description, determining specific charge of an electron e/m and learning the experimental setup. Also an introduction in electron optics with a Maltese cross tube is available. The environment provides individual feedback in different forms. Our research is about general acceptance of the environment, experimental expertise of the students and effects of different feedback forms.


The learning environment is free to use and available in english!

General review about the environment

Simulation of an electron gun

Electrons in electric field (Electron deflection tube)

Electrons in magnetic field and applications

Experiments with the Maltese cross tube