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Dipole Radiation

Paper: Visualizing dipole radiation

Girwidz, R. V. (2016). Visualizing dipole radiation. European Journal of Physics, 37(6), 065206, pp 1-13.

Multimedia program

This program offer various options to show characteristics about dipole radiation (Herzian dipole and half-wave dipole). Multiple representations and combined illustrations are used to give insight into spatial and temporal characteristics of field distributions and the flow of energy. 

dip_3h_3d_kk dip_1h_kk_

Videoclips created from "DipoleRadiation"

Special topics are:

  • Radiation pattern and structure of the electromagnetic field
  • Detachment of field lines and generation of closed loops
  • Field lines of E and H in three dimensional pictures and animations
  • Near field and far field, phase relationship between E and H
  • Flow of energy, illustrations with Poynting vectors
  • Half wave dipole in contrast to a Hertzian dipole
  • Electric field lines seen as contour lines of a potential function.


Snapshot showing electric field lines of a Hertzian dipole and the flow of energy.

S T A R T    THIS   P R O G R A M M -( html5 Version 1.0)

Downloads (for teaching or for devices with low computing power, e.g. smartphones):

Presentation program for video clips with special features

Animated Gifs - video clips ready for presentation